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Q: What do I do if a bracket breaks? A: Please call our office to let us know. In the interim, you may remove the bracket or cover with wax.

Q: How can I relieve the discomfort of a poking wire? A: Push the wire up or down with a pencil eraser or cover with wax.

Q: How can I relieve general discomfort in my mouth from the braces? A: Take Advil orTylenol as you normally would for headaches.

Q: Why do my teeth feel loose with my braces on? A: This is normal. Braces actually loosen your teeth in order to move them into the desired positions.

Q: Since I got my braces on, my gums are swollen and red. Is this normal? A: Slight swelling of the gums is normal in tooth movement, but red, puffy gums are usually a sign of inadequate brushing and flossing.

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