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Q: Once treatment begins, how often do we need to come in for adjustments A: Usually, we like to see patients every four to six weeks.

Q: How long will my treatment last? A: Most patients in full braces are in active treatment for 18 months.  Limited or partial treatments may be in treatment for shorter durations.

Q: What factors may extend my treatment time? A: Broken appliances, lack of cooperation with brushing and/or elastic band wear, and missing regularly scheduled appointments will increase treatment time.

Q: Will it affect my treatment if I wait longer than six weeks for an adjustment? A: Usually not, but we prefer to know about extended absences so we may plan accordingly.

Q: What if my job requires me to relocate during my orthodontic treatment? A: We will assist you in finding a new orthodontist to complete your treatment.

Q: Do you accept transfer patients? A: Yes. We are usually able to complete your treatment as originally planned, although sometimes minor alterations are necessary.

Q: Can I still play sports and/or musical instrument with braces? A: Yes, but a mouthguard is recommended for sports and wax or special guards may be indicated for some musical instruments.

Q: What are foods that I should not eat with braces? A: Foods that are hard, sticky, chewy, and/or crunchy will break braces and interrupt normal orthodontic therapy.  Broken appliances may be painful, may affect normal oral function, and may increase treatment time.

Q: While in braces, do I need to continue seeing my general dentist? A: Absolutely. We are able to spot major dental problems, but other problems between teeth and under the gums need to be treated by your general dentist. In addition, cleanings every six months while in braces are extremely beneficial.

Q: How often should I brush with braces? A: We recommend after each meal with the toothbrush and before bedtime with your small “Christmas tree” brush.

Q: How often should I floss with braces? A: We recommend every night before bedtime.

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